Khailid Abd Bakar

[...] Selangor is a huge state which need a man who is capable to manage, honest and most important, alert at all times to his powerful position to be neutral and fair. Since March 2008, Khalid had shown he is nothing but a bully hiding behind his uniform to show he is the most powerful pro-UMNO gang leader. Many evidences are available to justify this claim. Now that he had been given the Datukship by the Selangor Sultan, things have gone worst. He is now more of a political player and had ignored his duties as a police officer who had been given the task of running the biggest state in Malaysia.

Khalid should be ask to retire early and strip off his title so that he can spend time enjoying his ill found gold and position as pro-UMNO gang leader and just maybe God could do us a favour and let him enjoy his karma too. The arrogance shown in his statements and action is similar to that of the Israelis Leaders. [read more]

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tok iskandar said...

Kita tak perlukan seorang penipu menjadi ketua polis di negeri selangor.Keengganannya meminta maaf menggambarkan betapa sombong dan angkuhnya dia.