Cowards of the Country?

Najib did not turn up for a BN Open House at Yuk Choy school in Ipoh last night and rumours were flying that he was afraid of being heckled or worse still, someone might do something similar to Bush that he might have to duck. Police road blocks at roads leading into Ipoh were set up for the past few days, and those that I have seen were at the trunk road between Gopeng and junction leading to Batu Gajah, and at Lahat this morning. A couple of days ago, when I saw policemen looking into carboot of some cars, I said they were actually looking for spare shoes!

This morning, at 11.00 am, behind Perak State Secretariat building which is also opposite DAP Perak headquarters, there was supposed to have been a signature campaign calling for the resignation of state assemblyman, Hee Yit Foong. By the time I reached there at 11.30am, I saw a crowd with strong police presence which turned out to be DAPSY leading some demonstrators carrying placards of a frog with $ signs walking from SUK to DAP building across the road.
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