Missing Pakatan lawmaker denies resigning, Perak in chaos

IPOH, Feb 1 — Perak was thrown into a state of confusion tonight after at least one of two missing PKR state legislators denied resigning, hours after the state legislative speaker declared their seats vacant.

Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mat Radzi said tonight that the “resignation letter” received by the speaker this evening was an undated document he was made to sign last March.

His “denial” will throw up questions on the legality or legitimacy of undated resignation letters, and also puts the focus on whether it will be the speaker, the Election Commission or even the courts which will decide such issues.

It is also the latest act in a power struggle which has lasted for weeks for control of the state government.

Earlier the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in Perak appeared to have turned the tables on Barisan Nasional (BN) after the state legislative speaker declared vacant the two state seats held by the two PKR lawmakers who were expected to defect.

This would pave the way for by-elections for the two seats within 60 days. [read more]


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Aku pun sebenarnya dah letih ni.
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