Riot in Perak


A man carries an injured protestor during a demonstration at the road to the palace where the swearing-in ceremony for the new Perak state chief minister will be held in Kuala Kangsar in Malaysia’s northern state of Perak February 6, 2009. Malaysian police fired teargas on Friday at opposition supporters protesting against the government seizing power in state of Perak, widening a tense political standoff. REUTERS

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Tetttt !!! ... Error . its not an injured protestor but school kids who are at the mosque during Friday Prayer.


kluangman said...

Bila kena turun kuasa - itu dianggap unconstitutional.
Bila demonstrasi - law mana pula dipakai - hukum rimba ?

paloi bin mulau said...

hehehe omputih ni main belasah je tulis berita. mungkin depa belajor dgn wartawan utusan meloya kot huhuhu