Selangor to Defect Soon, not Kedah ? !

With the Malaysiakini reported that [Kedah's turn to feel defection heat] on yesterday news after the "EXPECTED" Perak 's defection, I have a different point of view.

To make this short, based on my own analysis, the most higest ranked state in defect soon is Selangor, instead of Kedah. :-
  1. Reliable source told that the initial formation of Selangor state was the PAS tied up with UMNO instead of PKR-PAS-DAP coalition;
  2. The initial and (to be fair) Perak 's MB supposed to be DAP 's ; but no qualified Bumiputra in that party, eventually "force" to hand over to Bumiputra 's lead party; [read more]

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