Di sini ada jawatan kosong

Naked photos taken during job interview
[...] After “Uncle Simon” met him for the first time, he asked David to be a gigolo as he was good-looking.

“I accepted the offer because there was an interview, and I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with it,” David said at a press conference yesterday at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department,

During the interview, he was required to be photographed naked.
He agreed to do so but covered his private parts during the photo shoot.

“I was afraid to reject Uncle Simon because he had my personal details as well as the pictures,” he said.
“They asked me to wait for a telephone call but it never came.” [read more]
Resume dah siap ... gambar ikut passpppprrrroooooootttt !
Performance so ... so ....
Profile 'last employer' ..... "Yanggggg, nanti kalau ada orang call ... kata abang ok"
Hmmmm .... "Hello Teksi ! ...... "

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