Hello wak ! Apa komen? Wakakaka

[...] In 2005, Dr Mohd Khir was provided a Toyota Harrier, while a driver was provided a year later and he had used these benefits until he resigned as PNSB chairman in March 2008.

However none of these benefits, including the maintenance and fuel for the vehicle which was provided, were declared by PNSB to the IRB.

Khalid said he was aware of the growing concern among PNSB employees on the financial implications due to the under declaration. [read more]

wakakak !!!
Kata dulang, sawa letih,
kata orang, jawa yang lebih.
wakakak !!!
Alamakkkk ... aku pun jawa! Wakakaka !!!

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Anonymous said...

Ngko ni orang jawa betol ke ngaku jawa je lebih..
Ntah jawa murtad kot..