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Dato Sri Zain (JKR Minister) shouted at me, “You have no locus standii..”

1. Today, I attended a seminar organize by Board of Engineers Malaysia at a hotel in Subang Jaya. I manage to get a seat in the hall via the goodwill of National House Buyers Association, Malaysia. The seminar is about safety issues ay hillside development. It was organized following the spate of landslide in Malaysia. As a victim of BA landslide, the matter is close to my heart and I chose to attend.

2. It was a last minute invitation and the title of the seminar excites me. That is why I took up the invitation. I was a surprised that the JKR Minister was doing the officiating. It was the first time I am seeing him in person. He is quite a heavy person. As he walks into the hall with the typical mannerism of a VVIP, his hands was rubbing his tummy. I guess he did not realize what he was doing. Maybe he ate too much breakfast.

3. Being a resident and fellow victim of the famous Bukit Antarabangsa landslide, I decided to use the opportunity to ask Minister about the Ikram Risk Assessment Report. From my contacts in IKRAM and JKR, the report has been completed for sometime. It is currently with the minister. During the press conference period, which was held in another room, I decided to ask the question after allowing the reporter to entertain the minister with simple questions.

4. When the opportunity arises, I introduced my name and told the minister that I am a victim of the landslide. Before I could even asked my question, the minister shut me off by saying that this is his Press Conference and he is only entertaining the Press. I have never seen a man that is so panicky when meeting a rakyat. Maybe my height had scared him.

5. He quickly ends the PC and as he approaches, I shook his hand he raised his voice against me. He said that I have no business of being there and I told him that I have written to him and his officers 3 weeks ago, which no one has replied. All I wanted to know is when the Risk Assessment Report going to be released. He raised his voice and said that I have no locus standii in this matter and this is not the place to ask him.

6. The DG of KKR came to his rescue and I continue to keep my calm. Somewhere along the line, the minister forgot that he is not the only one that has a right to raise his voice. I too can do so but I chose not to do it because I do not want to bring myself to the immaturity level of the Minister. I feel I am a better man. If he really wants to a have a shouting match and a professional discourse, I can take on him anytime. I think my MD can challenge his Ir. status anytime. In fact, I would like to challenge him to come to Bukit Antarabangsa and meet the residence. I think being a Minister made him aloof and distant from the Rakyat. I plans to write to him and dares him to come to Bukit Antarabangsa to meet the residents.

7. This is indeed a very sad situation now in Malaysia. Our ministers have become very arrogant. They walk with an arrogant style. They become unapproachable. They think they can shout at anybody they like just because he is a “Menteri”. I do not know what kind of right that I need to have i.e. the locus standii in wanting to ask a question MY MENTERI. I am a Malaysian Citizen. I am a resident of Bukit Antarabangsa and I am a victim of the slide that took place in Dec 6,2008. It is people like me that indirectly made him a Minister. Because of that, he does not want to talk to me. I wonder what criteria I need to have, to be able to ask him relevant questions. I guess the wild monkey that is plentiful in Bukit Antarabangsa has more locus standii then I do.

8. This is how Malaysian Minister behaves. They were appointed by the people and suppose to be answerable to the people. When they are question by the Rakyat, they jumped into excitement. They raised their voice in defence to avoid answering a question. I am not a Menteri. I am not a politician or a member of any political party. I am just an ordinary rakyat that ask simple questions. This is not parliament where you can shout at other parliamentarians and get away with it. He has no guts to answer intellectually and professionally. Let me correct you Mr Minister Dato Sri Ir. Zain. As long as I am a Malaysian Citizen, I have a locus standii. Please get your facts straight.

9. By the way, I would like to say that you were lucky to get away because your DG saves the day. If it were not for him, I would have given you a personal lecture in front of the press. I assume like your DG, you, your KSU and TKSU did not receive my email. What a lame excuse. Dato please check your email lah.. For the record the email was also, cc’d to the KSN, Tan Sri Sidek. I will remind Tan Sri Sidek on Monday that his officers in KKR does not read emails and respond to public queries.

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kluangman said...

Email ini wajar disebarkan lebih meluas kepada umum untuk mengajar Menteri Kerajaan cara bekerja dan melayan rakyat kerana tugas mereka ialah untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat.

Menteri ini lebih kurang ajar dari Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Perak.

mangchikla said...

Surat khabar hari ini (The Star) melaporkan:

a. Dr Raffick "gatecrashed" press conference
b. Ir Zin lifted hillside development.
c. Selangor Govt will not lift the ban unless Ir Zin shows some convincing proof.
d. Email Dir Rafifick ke Ir Zin.

Cuaca cerah ari nih...

Anonymous said...

Wak selamat kembali sihat keeee cantik katak tuu Berapa juta beli kah kah kah

CatV5 said...

Email kat tv3 oit... tgk dia nak kata apa....