Selangor won’t lift hillside ban

KLANG: The state government has brushed off the Works Minister’s comment that hillside development will go on, saying it cannot lift its blanket ban just because a federal minister thinks it is the right thing to do.

“He has to prove the viability of his opinion and we want to see some evidence that it is safe to lift the ban,” said Selangor Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu.

Liu added that a fact-finding mission and in-depth research must be carried out before a decision is made. He said past experience did not reflect Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed’s optimism that certain hillside development could be carried out again. [read more]
Hello Selangor .. jangan BAN la .. BADAK tengah cari duit nak pilihanraya tu ... !!! wakakakak !!!!

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mangchikla said...

Err... badak? Sapa tuh ? Ade sekali tuh lalu kot kpg melayu subang nak gi ke puncak alam. Pastu nampak ade sign board : "berhati hati , Tapir melintas", omputeh cakap "Caution "Tapirus indicus" crossing" muekekekekekek