We are facing a major constitutional crisis - Nizar

Nizar addressing the crowd at his official residence after midnight: “Keep praying for a favourable court decision”

sikit laporan dari anilnetto ... cerita tentang layanan SUK mangkok hayun gambar kat atas tu.
For instance, Nizar points out he was reported as causing "kekecohan" (disruption or disturbance) during his press conference at the state government building.

"In reality it was the State Secretary Abdul Rahman Hashim who came and shouted at all the reporters to get out."

Nizar adds he was therefore surprised to get a phone call from Abdul Rahman yesterday morning.

"He was all sweet and nice, saying, "Asalamualaikum salam sejahtera, are you okay; you know you can take your time leaving the official residence'."

"He even had the gall to say you can even leave all your things at my place."

"Imagine, this was the same man we had looked after for almost a year."

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