Chicken didn’t turn up
Guess who was too chicken to turn up at Yuk Choy School, Ipoh tonight?
Why so scared? Only shoes mah… And didn’t you say you had the majority?

But come Sunday night, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang will be in Ipoh at Himpunan Kembalikan Hak Rakyat, 9 pm, MB’s residence.

Perak-ians, ex-Perak-ians and all those who love nga-choy-kai (beansprouts and chicken) from other states, this is your chance to return to your hometown and give your support to the people of Perak who are heading the battle against the great Evil.

A journalist present at the school told us that there were about a thousand people at the function, mainly MCA and Gerakan running dogs; 400 democracy defenders at the candlelight vigil.

The atmosphere at the school, according to the journalist, was ‘cold’.

In the meantime, BN is still fishing. Some got offers of Exco position and RM 3 million. Others only RM 4 million. [read more]

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Abidin said...

Though Najib is a chicken, but he is very shrewd. He is as nasty as the jews. His action is very painful to his opponents, but do you realise in all cases he is hiding under someone hood? The biggest example is the muder of Alantuya.
He only stood-up his action when he is sure the line is clear. He wants to be seen as the nice guys. Then he claims the trophy.