Zambry, UMNO ... ada berani ka? Wakakaka !!!

Perak DAP wants Nizar vs Zambry for Bukit Gantang
IPOH, Feb 9 — Perak DAP has proposed a Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin versus Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir contest for the Bukit Gantang by-election, in what is already shaping up as a referendum on the political impasse in Perak.

Perak DAP Chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham mooted the idea at this evening’s emergency general meeting.

Tonight, at a Chap Goh Mei event in the new village of Bali, Tronoh, secretary Nga Kor Ming expounded on the idea, calling it a battle to see who is the rightful mentri besar.

“He is the best candidate for Bukit Gantang,” the Taiping MP said. “As you can see, even the Chinese here support Nizar,” he told the 300-strong crowd.

“Then we will see who the people accept as the [read more]

Wakakak !!! Raden minta letak zahid .. .wakakaka !!!
Nizar baca talkin ... Zahid di talkinkan ... wakakakak !!!!

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