Hakim Ridwan dah expired !

cerita dulu, Ridwan dalam membuat keputusan berkaitan rasuah katak,

Hearing an application to revise the magistrate’s remand order on two grounds yesterday, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim ruled that the magistrate had issued the order on valid grounds.

“All the procedures were followed under the Criminal Procedure Code and I find that there was no injustice,” he told a packed courtroom at about 5.15pm. [readmore]

Ridwan dah expired !

Dengan tempohnya sebagai pesuruhjaya kehakiman yang berakhir pada 28 Februari lalu, Krisis perlembagaan Perak dijangka bertambah kelam kabut apabila didapati tempoh pesuruhjaya kehakiman Ridwan Ibrahim telah tamat tempohnya 28 Februari lalu. [readmore]
kronologi 3 march [readmore]

laporan dari malaysianinsider
With his term as judicial commissioner ending February 28, the Perak constitutional crisis has taken another twist with the question whether Ridwan Ibrahim was eligible to hear or grant a restraining order against state speaker V Sivakumar yesterday.

The Ipoh-based judicial commissioner was first appointed on March 1, 2007 to a two year term which ended last Saturday. It is not known if his term of office has been extended as the newly-minted Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) has yet to meet.
dalam tajuk Was Perak’s speaker represented in court yesterday?
“The Order as drafted is very surprising because it states that Senior Federal Counsel was acting on behalf of the State Legal Adviser of Perak,” said Chan in a statement to the media. “To the best of our knowledge, the State Legal Adviser was not a party to the proceedings. In view of this we will be seeking a clarification from the Senior Federal Counsel as to whether he did or did not act for Mr Speaker in yesterday’s hearing before Tuan Ridwan Ibrahim, Judicial Commissioner.”
malaysia boleh !

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