Semut merah sudah berkawal

FRU personnel manning a roadblock outside the Perak State Secretariat building in Ipoh on Monday. - SAIFUL BAHRI/The Star
In a last ditch bid to foil an emergency sitting of the state assembly, the Umno-Barisan Nasional government in Perak has announced that the secretariat building - where the legislative assembly hall is located - will be closed tomorrow.

The coalition is scurrying for all ways and means to prevent BN Menteri Besar Zambry Kadir from being unseated at the session, slated for 10 am Tuesday. A motion to dissolve the assembly, returning the mandate to the people to select afresh the leadership of their choice, is also due to be tabled. [read more]

Yo yo yo !!! dewan tutup, sidang tetap sidang ..... !! Sidang Tergempar Dun Perak Akan Tetap Dijalankan »

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