[...] All the people I met; the fruits seller, the pork seller, the chicken seller, the groceries seller and the vegetables seller … they all have one conclusion. That IT IS NOT FAIR, the way Perak has been raped! And yes, they are very angry. And they are not going to sit down and do nothing! For now, they said they will boycott all state government events, starting with the Chap Goh Mei celebration, to be attended by Najis. They say they will be patient. Will wait for 4 years and then show their power.

At home, my 70+ year old mother, who has been updated by the TV news, started firing away the minute I stepped into the house. She told me that she will throw rotten eggs at Hee if they do cross paths.

Yes, Hee, you will not get to enjoy the $$$$$ you received for selling your soul. The people of Ipoh will not let you live in peace. We will haunt you to remind you of the treachery you committed against us. Until you quit!

Anyway, after selling your soul, you are not human anymore. So why bother to live!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Orang Ipoh bukan bodoh! Don’t take us for sitting ducks! [read more]

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Anonymous said...

i hate najib, his ugly wife......he is not welcome in ipoh cos people will baling telur busuk..all the chinese in mca are dogs