SPR unprofessional

[...] Worse still, it tried to overturn the decision of the Speaker of the Perak state assembly by declaring the seats would still be held by Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi in Behrang and Mohd Osman Jailu in Changkat Jering.

“EC decided that it will not be able to call for by-elections. The two seats are still held by the two state representatives,” said EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusuf.

His announcement sparked widespread condemnation.

“This is simply unprofessiponal,” said KeADILan nformation chief Tian Chua. “It is exactly what we feared and what we have been urging Malaysians to fight against.

“It is not in the power of the EC to doubt or investigate the validity of the resignation letters of Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman. This is clearly stated in the federal constitution. That they dare to disrespect it so blatantly is telling of how desperate the Barisan Nasional government, in particular Najib Abdul Razak, is.

“We reiterate, the decision does not come from the EC - it’s function is only to fix the date of election. Only the two state assemblymen can challenge the decision, and it must be through legal channels.” [read more]

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